Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's go shopping ... for some BrisStyle indie Designer goodness

Fourteen sleeps to the first BiDM of the year! In anticipation, I've been browsing the shops of the crafty BrisStylers who will be featuring their wares at the much anticipated BrisStyle indie Designers Markets on the 14th July at St Augustine's Church at Racecourse Rd, Hamilton.

Here's some winter warmth in anticipation of a sunny winter's market day...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Queen of the Off-Peak

I seem to have got myself into quite a rhythm of off-peak travel. I don't mean the travel after 9am and before 3.30pm on city council transport, but taking the path *never* travelled. Last year I explored the Flinders Rangers mid-winter. Bracing, but stunning. And then there was my trip to the Red Centre in November last year. The mercury didn't seem to drop below 35, but it's a dry heat .... Your decisions are determined by the movement of the sun and afternoon siestas stretch until the cool of the early evening.

Now I've just returned from a week's hiking in Tasmania. Yes, winter is great when you're rugged up with a hot cocoa in front of a fire, but exposing yourself to the elements, voluntarily, might be some people's idea of a kerrazy notion. My whims are a combination of downtime at work, a traveller's bucket list of must-see sights/sites, and an urge for a super-energetic break to contrast the monotony of sedentary desk-time.

We flew into Hobart for MONA visit (sorry there aren't more photos, but you're not allowed to post photos taken in the exhibition on personal websites) - I loved the whole idea of the museum. The largest, privately owned art collection, the minimal explanation of included pieces, and 'something to offend everyone', as a friend at work warned me. Along with those pieces, which ranged from challenging acceptable norms of museum/gallery pieces to obscure and incomprehensible (very few), there were the ancient, amusing and uplifting pieces. You are provided with an interactive iPhone that serves as a personal guide, as well as records your movements, allowing you email your viewing path to recount your steps once you return home.

Hobart's stay also involved rewarding my sense of the ridiculous, viewing boat names in the harbour, as well as the obligatory visit to Jackman and McRoss. 

Heading North, we traversed Tasmania. We drove between the Great Lakes into snow covered bushland ("Look, there's a lot of lichen here!"), crossing convict-built bridges, and into the Tamar Valley where it's very easy to imagine how Launceston looked in its earlier days.

From Launceston, we headed across to Freycinet National Park with Tasmanian Expeditions. We could not have asked for better weather, with crisp blue skies and nary a raindrop in sight. Our initial jaunt in Douglas Apsley National Park was diverted by a fast flowing river, but that just gave us more time to explore Sleepy Bay that afternoon.

We also visited Wineglass bay, the isthmus and Hazards Beach, and even scaled (most of) one of the Hazards, Mt Amos.

 I got to indulge in my obsession with shells, as well.

I am already planning my next big trip which will be to Sweden next February...
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