Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hit the nail on the head

Don’t you just love it when someone gives you a gift that is you, well, me-to-a-t? My lovely, reliable, and hard working dream of a research assistant gave me a parcel of goodness for Christmas. Ok, maybe my OCD-tendencies aren’t hidden under a bushel, but it’s so lovely when someone gives a thoughtful gift. Thanks Nicole – good luck in Canberra. I’d say I’d give you a call in another 3 years to see if you want to do some more research for me, but something tells me you’re going to go far and may not need the work by then ….  xx

paper clips and magnetised clips

magnetised pegs and 'to do' post-it list

Monday, December 27, 2010

Old school made-it roulette

Ok, it's an oldie, but a goodie. I've been virtual window shopping on made-it again. I just keep hitting that 'made-it' banner and see what goodies come up to tempt me. This is what I found. Do any tempt you?

Radish and Ruth
Zozo designs

Sandra Darling

Denim Days

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is that the time?

Didn’t time just get away from me? Last thing I remember it was the BiTM. What a flurry of activity. Between ensuring all sandbags were tethered to the marquee legs and losing 5kg by sweating up a storm (the only storm of the night, thank the non-rainy heavens) on the humid, late December night in King George Square.

(photo credit: Eliza from warmsigh)
Some of you may not know, but this was my first markets in my own marquee. This was purchased only the week end before, but the shelleyberelli clan had a practice run on the driveway, so we knew, (between friendly, teasing neighbours calling out “is that an approved body corporate structure?”, being rebuffed with “I’ll get you evicted if you don’t stop your cat poo-ing under the ‘common property’ hedge”*.. ahh, the joys of high density, townhouse living,) we’d be right on the night.

And what a busy and fun night it was. I am sad that I didn't get to go an explore 
the rest of the market, particularly Burnett La and the holiday projections. 
A lot of people I spoke to had just come from there or were heading there 
after they left our market section (on the ramp), so it's great to see that 
the marketing and sign-posting were so effective. 

From where I stood and the little glimpses I took out of my marquee, the 
rest of the show looked spectacular and I'm loving hearing how much of a 
great night everyone had. These last few markets have been exhausting, 
but so worth it, particularly catching up with everyone and also 
feeling/being part of such a great community - of both BrisStylettes and shoppers who support local, handmade goodies. Thanks one and all for a great market and a rewarding year.

(photo source: hungry designs (c), used with permission)

Xmas tree star = solar powered. Well played, BCC, well played.

*some of this exchange may have been embellished in the name of creative license

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Will we see you there tonight?


BrisStyle indie "Christmas" Twilight Market - Handmade Holidays


Presented by BrisStyle inc and Brisbane Marketing and supported by Brisbane City Council

If we have another stormy day the markets ARE STILL ON! They will be held on the mezzanine floor above Groove Train Restaurant in King George Square. It is undercover so we will be dry and you will be dry while you shop!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sashay, Chantey..

Here's my wee niece trying out some of her xmas gifts. The cape is by Mon Petit Poppet, the cushions (which I've been informed, are now next to all of her books and have made her reading nook much more comfy) were a shelleyberelli creation (via the lovely Moose & Bird's pattern). 

What's on your Christmas list?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm dreaming of a handmade Christmas

My made-it roulette this week focuses on the beautiful cards available for the silly season. What says Merry Christmas better than some individual, personalised, handcrafted stationery?

Share in my finds below:


Paper Tree Design

Pixels Plus Paper

Paper Lion

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

at it like rabbits...

I wore one of my cute REread brooches to work today (check out her blog too, by the by). And comments? Too many to poke a stick at! Talk about conversation starter. Foxy was admired by senior management, colleagues in clinic and even the lady at the service station as I bought some petrol on the way home.

Her simple comment reminded me of the 'Making Australia Happy' series I watched on ABC a few Mondays running. Happiness can be 'cultivated' in many ways, and they include through practicing being mindful, being kind to your body (eating well, sleeping enough, being active and watching the language you use to talk to yourself), and philanthropy. Now, this wasn't just donating money, but donating time to help others, and even 'paying it forward' (as the big O would say). A simple act of being nice to someone can lift their spirits, hour or even day. 

So a simple 'that's a nice badge' from Ms Shell (no relation), followed by a 'if you spend $2 you get an extra 2c off your petrol' had me saying 'you know, that 2 for 1 magnum deal caught my eye!', when usually I scowl a look of 'if I'd wanted to buy anything extra I would have picked it up on the way to the till' (..I know, anger management issues!).

Paying a compliment doesn't cost anything, but it's one of the best gifts you can give!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sewing for others

I think all of my family have at least one shelleyberelli bag. I love giving handmade presents, but I am aware the novelty sometimes wears a bit thin, especially when my brother would prefer an i-tunes gift card! 

The arrival of a new niece just over a year ago has opened up a world of sewing. These are usually one-offs as I don't want to cut anyone's lunch, market wise, but I'm having fun planning outfits and toys to sew for her. Here are the cushions I made for her this Christmas. 

If *you'd* still like to give a handmade shelleyberelli gift this Christmas, you might be interested in some new stock I've just loaded to my shelleyberelli:made-it and shelleyberelli:etsy stores?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good for the garden!

My wordy-lordy, aren't we having a lot of rain at the moment?

Yesterday's BrisStyle Indie Designers Markets was quite a wet one, but in true BrisStyle style, there were smiles and helping hands all round when the heavens opened. I feel truly lucky to be part of such a lovely community. I've got something like 'survivor's guilt' though, as I was in the hall. This is part of my stall - I had a piano behind me. Was tempted to gather a few people around to belt out a bit of Piano Man or Yes! We have no bananas, but that would have drowned out the carollers.

Many Christmas list ticks too - I ended up buying some gorgeous earrings from rocknwrap

My mum almost cleared out a few shops! She purchased some ceramics from KW Ceramics, cards and prints from Renee Treml, jewellery from Kimono Reincarnate and a few bags from Obi Lane. Oh, and a cape from Mon Petit Poppet. My little niece (14 months old) is going to cut a dashing figure on Christmas day!

Still, all this rain is, as they say, good for the garden. Some of the trees and plants I put in 8 years ago when I first moved in are flowering for the first time. They've finally decided the drought is over. This is the view from my top balcony. I remember waking up after my first night there, thinking to myself how lucky I was and that this was like living in Binna Burra! (I'm within 5km of the CBD). 

My yard actually stops about 5 metres behind my place, so the tree on the right (Grevillea Baileyana, FYI) is mine, but the Jacaranda is not. 

I can't wait until the holidays when I will have more time for R&R on the deck. But, there's still one more market to go. Ok, I'm off to replenish the shelleyberelli stock. Might see you at the BITM. I'll be in Albert St with my new marquee and a fair amount of tinsel. Please drop by.

Friday December 17 5-9pm
King George Square around the giant Christmas Tree , Albert St and Burnett Lane

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prototype central

Ok, so a few posts back I was (re)discovering the joys of following a pattern. Whilst this gave me structure and reassurance and produced a bag of which I was very proud, there's something about winging it that really floats my boat when I'm making purses and bags.

After some requests for jewellery wraps at the most recent BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets and my unearthing some stored-for-a-rainy-day rattan handles on a recent archaeological dig in my craft room,  I got scheming and sewing. 

The jewellery wrap is an amalgamation of a simple pattern I found in a book, with additions from features I have on my very own wrap, and one my neighbour brought over, when she was full of suggestions of new designs I could sew (this discussion of ours was inspired/helped by a nice cardonnay or two).

And here's the new bag, made from a pink, green and cream leaf and butterfly print fabric that my lovely friend, Akiko, brought back for me from Japan. For a bit of tactile goodness, the top of the bag is brown corduroy. 

Here, the rattan handled swing tote is being kept company by a paper garland by the clever flight industries

Yesterday was spent making a few more of these two designs in preparation for the BrisStyle Indie Designers Markets which will be held: 

Saturday 4th December  9am - 4pm

St Augustine's Church
Racecourse Rd
Hamilton, QLD

Friday, November 26, 2010

Out to roost..

Hello to everyone in the blog-o-sphere this morning,
I'm taking a few short moments to catch my breath after a busy week to organise some sewing for tomorrow and to share a few made-it finds before I start to primp and preen for a Hen's lunch (and then some ......) that I'll be attending with some lovely girls I know. So, if you see a gaggle of girls, a rowdy of revellers, or a troupe of tipsy lasses, please give us a wave.

Here are my 'hen' inspired made it finds today:

Red stitch designs

Vintage Chenille

Jacibean Designs

Pete's Patch

Monday, November 22, 2010

Some thinking music ...

Here's something to ponder at the start of a new week.
What are you hoping for?

Friday, November 19, 2010

One down, two to go.

Well, what a fabulous start to the market season for shelleyberelli. The promised cloudburst held off and the November BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets went off without a hitch. The shoppers and browsers were out in force and from the punters comments, I think it's going to be an even busier market on the 17th December. And won't KGS look a treat with the big Christmas tree towering over the Ann St side of the square?

I was in the BrisStyle co-op with the lovely ladies from PannikinEdward & LillySM boutiqueFlight Industries, {A Creature Strange} and Wicked Child Designs. I couldn't have asked for nicer neighbours. Thanks also to mumma-berelli for help with getting there and home, as well as keeping me company through the night. She managed to do a bit of shopping too.

Here I am, making last minute touches to the stall displays.

Here's a fine selection of zippered pouches and my lovely new moo business cards. I am seriously in love with these cards. Still, I managed to part with some of them last night.

Below: My obis, craft wraps and laptop/ipad sleeves.

And a little mid-afternoon snack mum bought me from Bel at Enticing Icing. Delishimo!

Next stop - sewing table for a flurry of action in preparation for BiDM (4/12) and BiTM (17/12).

How was your night? x
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