Sunday, August 29, 2010

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....

I'm finding sewing for someone else adds a level of nervous-ness absent from my usual way of crafting. People who buy bags and purses from me at the markets or my e-shops are seeing the products for the first time - they decide there and then that this item is for them and they give it a good home.

Don't get me wrong- I love that extra element of creating a design that is going to meet some one's needs, but along with that comes expectations and a mental image of what they want.

I had a recent order from a friend to make a satchel for her partner for Father's Day. I had initially decided to whip something up - a few tweaks to previous designs, but I decided I could do with a challenge. I found a pattern that I liked (harder than I thought it'd be) and decided I'd simplify it. This thought was reinforced when I cut the pattern pieces (at least 4 of these needed at least 'cut 2').

I changed my mind a dozen times about just how simple I'd make it - helped slash hindered by a convoluted instruction list (I kept looking ahead, but was thrown when I got to the Spanish translation, so was forced to re-read the part I was trying to decipher). Finally, I decided that I needed to push ahead - the only way I'd know how to simplify was to produce the whole shebang so I'd know what was expendable in future incarnations.

This wise decision was almost my undoing a few times on Saturday, solved by spells of time on my balcony in the sun, with some books and magazines I'd been meaning to get to in a long while.

First it was the pockets and zips.... then it was the piping ... and finally it was the strap and buckles .... (the velcro was a cinch)... but I'm so pleased with the result (and myself) ... and I hope my friends are too.

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  1. Wow....good work Shelley. It definitely looks like a complicated little number. I'm sure your friends will love it. x


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