Monday, August 16, 2010

Money makes the world go 'round...

Well, actually, it's the motion of the earth vs the pull of gravity towards the sun (Fig.1 ) but, being National Science Week, I'm sure there are many more blogs suited to discussing this topic and other clever-boffin type ideas....even a winning blog here (Save your breath for running ponies).

Fig 1.

So, on to this Monday evening's Made-it Roulette. My spinning came up with ...

Found Style's "Charming Chain"

A reappearance by Found 'n' Bound - A rough night

Two Cheeky Monkey's - Pear print

And a shelleyberelli Lotus Obi-style belt

I'm feeling a gravitational pull on my eyelids, so I'm off to bed now. Hope everyone has a lovely week out there in the blogosphere.


  1. Thanks for including my pear print in this sweet collection!

  2. Hey Hey Marketeer,
    I love the rebound book and of course the obi belt. Hope you are having a fab week.
    Melinda x


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