Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Welcome to my drawing board

There's nothing like a custom order to get the creative juices flowing. One of my lovely TRIP fellows has asked for a replacement for her 20 y.o. Country Road bag (hey, I had one of those, too - which I tried to discard, which was subsequently snaffled by my mother for another 10 years ... only to be replaced by a, you guessed it, shelleyberelli tote!!)

She's asked for a personalised shelleyberelli holdall handbag.

I've got the fabric stash out and I've been playing with combinations and permutations of different materials to send to her to see what she'd like. Here are tonight's discoveries. I think I will get cracking this week end on these designs, anyway! I've got a BiDM and BiTM coming up in December.

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