Thursday, June 30, 2011

shelleyberelli presents ... BiDM preparation #2

Only 8 sleeps until the BrisStyle indie Designers Markets at Hamilton (July 9th). This is my second 'release' of my new bags I've been whipping up. I really enjoy combining and contrasting the patterns, fabrics and colours. Here's today's favourite. More tomorrow. x

shelleyberelli presents ... BiDM preparation #1

Only 9 sleeps until the BrisStyle indie Designers Markets at Hamilton (July 9th). I've been delving into my fabric purchases and presents over the last year or so to make some new handbags that I plan to feature here in my blog over the next week or so. I have them all out on my dining room table at the moment and each day I have a new favourite. Here's today's special one. More tomorrow. x

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simple, but powerful (by popular demand)

I posted this on my facebook wall during the week and it generated a lot of discussion (not to mention, list writing and purchasing of notebooks!). Hope it hits your sweet spot too x

Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's go shopping ... pink and green should never be seen!

Or is that blue and green? I actually love the combo of blue and green - I might be a bit biased though as these are my favourite colours. In celebration of my latest purse which *does* rock the pink/green combo quite (surprisingly) well, 

here are some other etsy pink and/or green finds that challenge this rhyme for BrisStyle's weekly "let's go shopping".

Anny and Me - Delila Bag

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let's go shopping - and then back to work...

Just back from holidays. Sad face. A post or two on that to come, but before that, and to psyche myself into a work headspace again, my BrisStyle 'let's go shopping' will focus on things that make work a little prettier and happier to visit each day. Enjoy.

Clever hands

Rubbish Rehab

Tuckoo and moocow


(If only it was a double rainbow...)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's go shopping .. Adelaide style

Continuing my interstate handmade focus on Adelaide, I've decided to feature some Adelaide Etsians in this week's BrisStyle:Let's go shopping. At first I thought I'd shop local to find some sellers, but then wondered if there was a local team (like the wonderful BrisStyle, of which I am a part) ... Lo and behold, I found this

which certainly made my shopping easier still. 

Here are some of my finds - again, inspired by my current holiday mood (and the accompanying cold weather!)

Bessie and Maive
1930s Kodak film wallet

Sweet Seamz

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello folks, I'm posting this one in as a blogger-at-large. 

I'm in the city of churches and am buzzing about my imminent hike here. I am totally dropping off the grid for a good week or so. I was inspired by a number of sources - my mum hiked down here last year and I was captivated by her photos and stories from the trip. This was reinforced by my visiting the Hans Heysen exhibition at QAG last year. 

So, I'll be hiking here, 

and thinking of this,

My trip to Adelaide has got me thinking of local handmade - and I can't go on without mentioning my favourite Adelaidian, Little Viking Girl.  After featuring one of her brooches in a previous MadeIt Roulette, I ended up buying it (aka: Marjorie) and she's with me on this trip! Keeping the focus on shopping local, here are some treats from Adelaide....

Little Viking Girl
Lavender Bags -Set of Two
Sarah Emily Design

 Wish me good weather and reliable, sturdy shoes for the next week.
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