Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello folks, I'm posting this one in as a blogger-at-large. 

I'm in the city of churches and am buzzing about my imminent hike here. I am totally dropping off the grid for a good week or so. I was inspired by a number of sources - my mum hiked down here last year and I was captivated by her photos and stories from the trip. This was reinforced by my visiting the Hans Heysen exhibition at QAG last year. 

So, I'll be hiking here, 

and thinking of this,

My trip to Adelaide has got me thinking of local handmade - and I can't go on without mentioning my favourite Adelaidian, Little Viking Girl.  After featuring one of her brooches in a previous MadeIt Roulette, I ended up buying it (aka: Marjorie) and she's with me on this trip! Keeping the focus on shopping local, here are some treats from Adelaide....

Little Viking Girl
Lavender Bags -Set of Two
Sarah Emily Design

 Wish me good weather and reliable, sturdy shoes for the next week.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shelley,
    Have a brilliant time here in Adelaide! Weather seems perfectly fine for a hiking expedition and it's good to see you've let others know where you'll be! And thanks for sharing my Lavender Bags with your friends.
    Best wishes,
    Kristina xo


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