Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's go shopping ... "I'm Idaho!"

It's 'Let's go shopping' time again in the BrisStyle community. I've been inspired by my neighbour's current trip through the states (which I'm following enviously on her facebook page). Here's a bit of Americana-etsy-goodness for your shopping pleasure this Saturday.

And finally, everyone's favourite glue eater - Ralph Wiggum!    "I'm Idaho ..."


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fox in the snow

My made-it roulette is themed in celebration of Belle & Sebastian's current Australian tour. 

Fox in the snow, where do you go
To find something you can eat?
Because the word out on the street is you are starving
Don't let yourself grow hungry now
Don't let yourself grow cold
Fox in the snow

Girl in the snow, where will you go
To find someone that will do?
To tell someone all the truth before it kills you
They listen to your crazy laugh
Before you hang a right
And disappear from sight
What do they know anyway?
You'll read it in a book
What do they know anyway?
You'll read it in a book tonight

Boy on the bike, what are you like
As you cycle round the town?
You're going up, you're going down
You're going nowhere
It's not as if they're paying you
It's not as if it's fun
At least not anymore
When your legs are black and blue
It's time to take a break
When your legs are black and blue
It's time to take a holiday

Kid in the snow, way to go
It only happens once a year
It only happens once a lifetime
Make the most of it
Second just to being born
Second to dying to
What else could you do?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ever-so ghastly

I'm watching Miss Marple this Sunday night as I contemplate the goings-on over the last few days and I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to know just what the bally-hell is going on with the world! Maybe the Mayans had it right? 

This Friday I was horrified by what I saw after turning on my television. After an early mark from a work meeting whilst in Melbourne I tuned in to see tsunami's rolling (?) across the Pacific in across Japanese fields, highways, and cities in real time. Although it's important news and footage that captivates and repels in equal measure, I cannae take much more, Cap'n. So very sad for those living there, as well as for family and friends worried about loved ones living in Japan. 

My coping mechanism was a morning of contemplation at the NGV, first the Fed Square exhibitions (Stormy Weather (how apt for our earlier disasters), ManStyle (OohLaLa)) and the amazing Joseph Brown collection, and then across the river to the NGV International to Luminous Cities and then through the Asian collection. 

I wanted to share these pretty Japanese vessels that were used by the men, and eventually just by the Samurai, to keep precious things (I like to think of them as early hip flasks. A secret stash of sake!)

I was somewhat remiss by not getting the name of the piece or artist of the next piece. It was a video projected onto the wall at the entry to the Asian collection on the 3rd floor. It's a clever juxtaposition of traditional Asian landscape and a modern, bustling city.

Watching the waterfalls in the  mountains and the whizzing cars through the intersection was relaxing, the repetitiveness soothing. Just before leaving, there was this: 

Such a mesmerizing piece of work. Do pop by if you're in the area. 
The contemplative and calming wandering through a gallery is so good for the soul.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Made it Roulette

Hands up who's enjoying this *glorious* weather at the moment. Lovely temperature, cooler nights, clear blue Autumn skies. Loverly! This has inspired my 'Made-It Roulette' tonight.

Little Viking Girl - Cool white bird brooch

Citrus Pop - Cool mirage vintage inspired hair clips

Ady Pat - Mama Clutch - red & blue

Lauren Williams - Fabric Button Blue Pods

Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's go shopping (for a little Je ne sais quoi...)

My nana-matinee session at 'Sacre Bleu' this afternoon has inspired my BrisStyle 'let's go shopping' post this morning. 

 French Market Basket by Retro Bird 

Right, I'm off to have a yoplait now. (It's French for 'yum').

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dump and burn

It's hard to believe it's been about a month and a half since the big wet. I noticed the swollen banks of the Brisbane River this morning on the way to work - they've just let a year's worth of water out of Wivenhoe. It got me reflecting on the beginning of 2011. I'm noticing everyone's still so tired - that Christmas break rejuvenation lost its edge pretty quickly. People are functioning at that pre-xmas intensity, waiting for the wind-down that doesn't seem to be coming thanks to extended suffering from floods, cyclones, earthquakes etc. 

Trying to lift spirits I had a look back at some old Brisvegas photos. These are some that make me smile.

 Who doesn't love (didn't love) the dump and burn?! (My favourite part of this photo is where everyone is pointing...)

Aww. Pretty fireworks. x
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