Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's go shopping ... "I'm Idaho!"

It's 'Let's go shopping' time again in the BrisStyle community. I've been inspired by my neighbour's current trip through the states (which I'm following enviously on her facebook page). Here's a bit of Americana-etsy-goodness for your shopping pleasure this Saturday.

And finally, everyone's favourite glue eater - Ralph Wiggum!    "I'm Idaho ..."



  1. WOW the toffee apples in the first photo look amazing! YUM

  2. "I'm Idaho!" = best blog post title ever.

    And...those toffee apples look incredible! I'd never eat one though.

  3. LOL love Ralph. Cool picks. I'm hungry for apples now....

    Teneale x

  4. Thank you so much for including our recipe book in this thoughtful blog post. We hope you keep checking back and would love to connect with you on facebook.

  5. My dream is to go to the US, travel around buying stuff at yard sales and estate sales and fill a container to bring back home. My fav of your choices is the cushion. Cheers


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