Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday's made-it roulette

Sigh - it's a cold and blustery ol' afternoon in brisvegas. I've spent the day lecturing to students (in my non-crafty day job) who don't realise how small our profession is and that every encounter is an interview of sorts. Snippy arrogance and arguing with the guest lecturer who's most likely going to supervise you when you come out for your work experience isn't likely to make the top 5 'how to impress your supervisor' list. Oh, but I digress ... onto pretty and crafty things - how I love made-it roulette to lift my spirits.

Please share in today's delights...

for the name of the shop and this little man alone

atomic lawrence & me (poppy the rabbit softie)

soothing blues and greens from lee & allan design (seafoam lampshade)

and a little something from yours truly (bella laptop case)

And an afternoon always improves with a giggle. Thanks to my friend Kim for reminding me of this. Hope you enjoy it too.

Armstrong & Miller (WWII RAF sketch)


  1. ohhh! thank you so much for featuring my notecards!!!


  2. Hi Ya!
    thanks for featuring my lamp shade on your blog, greatly appreciated!!!
    lee and allan design


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