Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mood enhancing Made-it Roulette

Hello, and welcome to today's made-it roulette.

I'm in a more positive mood this post.Today in my lecture we were looking at physical health issues of clients/consumers with mental health issues. Now, this isn't a psychology or a medical lecture and many students often find it hard to think laterally about this topic as it's not usually seen as a 'core' area of our work. However, with the stats that one in five people in Australia may experience depression in their lifetime and one in four may experience anxiety, it's something that everyone should know about.

In today's lecture I included some short videos from the SANE video showroom and I was amazed, as the students sat, engrossed and interested in the lived experiences of people in the clips. Interesting and respectful discussion ensued and gave me hope that this next cohort of young professionals would enter the workforce with a more holistic view of the patients they will encounter and the world in which they live.

Now, on to my Roulette finds! ("How do you play?" I hear you ask ... keep hitting that ‘made-it’ banner and see what treats come up).

Japanese Creation (Purple square)

Liola (Fabric Basket Set)

Found N Bound Unique Journal Covers

CMD cards

and, my latest made-it posting (floral print headband)

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  1. Hey Shelley,
    Hope you are having a great week so far.
    Melinda x


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