Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is that the time?

Didn’t time just get away from me? Last thing I remember it was the BiTM. What a flurry of activity. Between ensuring all sandbags were tethered to the marquee legs and losing 5kg by sweating up a storm (the only storm of the night, thank the non-rainy heavens) on the humid, late December night in King George Square.

(photo credit: Eliza from warmsigh)
Some of you may not know, but this was my first markets in my own marquee. This was purchased only the week end before, but the shelleyberelli clan had a practice run on the driveway, so we knew, (between friendly, teasing neighbours calling out “is that an approved body corporate structure?”, being rebuffed with “I’ll get you evicted if you don’t stop your cat poo-ing under the ‘common property’ hedge”*.. ahh, the joys of high density, townhouse living,) we’d be right on the night.

And what a busy and fun night it was. I am sad that I didn't get to go an explore 
the rest of the market, particularly Burnett La and the holiday projections. 
A lot of people I spoke to had just come from there or were heading there 
after they left our market section (on the ramp), so it's great to see that 
the marketing and sign-posting were so effective. 

From where I stood and the little glimpses I took out of my marquee, the 
rest of the show looked spectacular and I'm loving hearing how much of a 
great night everyone had. These last few markets have been exhausting, 
but so worth it, particularly catching up with everyone and also 
feeling/being part of such a great community - of both BrisStylettes and shoppers who support local, handmade goodies. Thanks one and all for a great market and a rewarding year.

(photo source: hungry designs (c), used with permission)

Xmas tree star = solar powered. Well played, BCC, well played.

*some of this exchange may have been embellished in the name of creative license

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