Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good for the garden!

My wordy-lordy, aren't we having a lot of rain at the moment?

Yesterday's BrisStyle Indie Designers Markets was quite a wet one, but in true BrisStyle style, there were smiles and helping hands all round when the heavens opened. I feel truly lucky to be part of such a lovely community. I've got something like 'survivor's guilt' though, as I was in the hall. This is part of my stall - I had a piano behind me. Was tempted to gather a few people around to belt out a bit of Piano Man or Yes! We have no bananas, but that would have drowned out the carollers.

Many Christmas list ticks too - I ended up buying some gorgeous earrings from rocknwrap

My mum almost cleared out a few shops! She purchased some ceramics from KW Ceramics, cards and prints from Renee Treml, jewellery from Kimono Reincarnate and a few bags from Obi Lane. Oh, and a cape from Mon Petit Poppet. My little niece (14 months old) is going to cut a dashing figure on Christmas day!

Still, all this rain is, as they say, good for the garden. Some of the trees and plants I put in 8 years ago when I first moved in are flowering for the first time. They've finally decided the drought is over. This is the view from my top balcony. I remember waking up after my first night there, thinking to myself how lucky I was and that this was like living in Binna Burra! (I'm within 5km of the CBD). 

My yard actually stops about 5 metres behind my place, so the tree on the right (Grevillea Baileyana, FYI) is mine, but the Jacaranda is not. 

I can't wait until the holidays when I will have more time for R&R on the deck. But, there's still one more market to go. Ok, I'm off to replenish the shelleyberelli stock. Might see you at the BITM. I'll be in Albert St with my new marquee and a fair amount of tinsel. Please drop by.

Friday December 17 5-9pm
King George Square around the giant Christmas Tree , Albert St and Burnett Lane

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