Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prototype central

Ok, so a few posts back I was (re)discovering the joys of following a pattern. Whilst this gave me structure and reassurance and produced a bag of which I was very proud, there's something about winging it that really floats my boat when I'm making purses and bags.

After some requests for jewellery wraps at the most recent BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets and my unearthing some stored-for-a-rainy-day rattan handles on a recent archaeological dig in my craft room,  I got scheming and sewing. 

The jewellery wrap is an amalgamation of a simple pattern I found in a book, with additions from features I have on my very own wrap, and one my neighbour brought over, when she was full of suggestions of new designs I could sew (this discussion of ours was inspired/helped by a nice cardonnay or two).

And here's the new bag, made from a pink, green and cream leaf and butterfly print fabric that my lovely friend, Akiko, brought back for me from Japan. For a bit of tactile goodness, the top of the bag is brown corduroy. 

Here, the rattan handled swing tote is being kept company by a paper garland by the clever flight industries

Yesterday was spent making a few more of these two designs in preparation for the BrisStyle Indie Designers Markets which will be held: 

Saturday 4th December  9am - 4pm

St Augustine's Church
Racecourse Rd
Hamilton, QLD

1 comment:

  1. The jewelry wrap sound like a great Xmas idea!
    Another cute fabric too :)
    Happy sewing!
    Sandrine x


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