Tuesday, December 7, 2010

at it like rabbits...

I wore one of my cute REread brooches to work today (check out her blog too, by the by). And comments? Too many to poke a stick at! Talk about conversation starter. Foxy was admired by senior management, colleagues in clinic and even the lady at the service station as I bought some petrol on the way home.

Her simple comment reminded me of the 'Making Australia Happy' series I watched on ABC a few Mondays running. Happiness can be 'cultivated' in many ways, and they include through practicing being mindful, being kind to your body (eating well, sleeping enough, being active and watching the language you use to talk to yourself), and philanthropy. Now, this wasn't just donating money, but donating time to help others, and even 'paying it forward' (as the big O would say). A simple act of being nice to someone can lift their spirits, hour or even day. 

So a simple 'that's a nice badge' from Ms Shell (no relation), followed by a 'if you spend $2 you get an extra 2c off your petrol' had me saying 'you know, that 2 for 1 magnum deal caught my eye!', when usually I scowl a look of 'if I'd wanted to buy anything extra I would have picked it up on the way to the till' (..I know, anger management issues!).

Paying a compliment doesn't cost anything, but it's one of the best gifts you can give!


  1. Your so beautiful ... after the day I had today you have bought a tear to my eyes x Thankyou xxx

  2. Thanks lovey - hope you have a nice evening and it all looks better after a good sleep. xx

  3. Thanks for the reminder Shelley....very well said!


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