Monday, January 3, 2011

Line up, line up

In the flavour of my previous post, I’ve put the Bernina to bed and tidied up my crafting space. We now have a dining room again and dinner plates are firmly on the table, and not perched precariously on laps. (Although, when it’s dinner-time, we insist the tv’s always turned *down*). 
Really, this is the proper way to have dinner, or any meal – especially if we want to eat intuitively or mindfully and listen to our hunger and fullness signals. When was the last time you really noticed, tasted, or enjoyed what you’d eaten? 

(image used with permission: for more cards like this and other 
very useful resources to help you think differently about food and the way you eat, 
check out Dr Kausman's 'if not dieting' website)

I’ve had a spree of a cleaning kind; fabrics have been stowed back in my lovely ikea boxes – one for decent sized-pieces, one for ‘cut into, but something big can still be made from’, and one for wee pieces that might make a good pocket, closure or zipper purse. 

Thread is being sorted (colour-coordinated, of course), and it looks like I need to get tucked into some more shortbread over this Christmas break as all my current storage tins are full. That’s ok, but I'll have to remember it’s a ‘sometimes’ food.

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