Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The (in)constant gardener

I managed to get out into the garden in the last few days of my holiday. My poor little courtyard is well and truly drought-proof. When I first moved in, there was regular watering and even one of those light green squishy tape hoses with little holes all the way along that I'd put on quite regularly. Over the years, with water restrictions and various other distractions, I tend to only get out and mulch, replant and smile proudly at my (our) handiwork twice a year. Despite the neglect, the garden seems to be doing very well, especially my corner of bromeliads, in all their spike-y prettiness.

Further benefits of my neglect can be seen on my balcony. I knew I had a knack with anthuriums (perhaps a photo to my own handiwork would be more convincing?). I've a few that look striking and seem to look better the more I forget they're there. My pièce de résistance, much to my surprise, is my not-so-delicate and frail orchid. I bought it a little while ago and after a brief flower (inside) it was done. I was disappointed - it wasn't cheap and I thought it'd done its dash. I followed the instructions, chopped it off at a node and put it somewhere cool to wait until next year. After ignoring it (outside) for a month or so, *hey presto*!

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