Thursday, March 28, 2013

Go short or go home.

The next leg of my trip took me to Nijmegen in the south of Holland. The main reason for this detour between Sweden and Belgium was a university visit to speak with some Implementation Scientists

As well as networking my tush off I enjoyed aimless wandering in the streets of the oldest city in the Netherlands. I became slightly obsessed with a poster for an upcoming short film festival featuring a handsome stag,

and enjoyed having time to smell the, um, tulips and daffodils,

and notice the little suburban quirks that you so often miss when pre-occupied with life...

I stumbled across the Velorama (the only bicycle museum in Holland!)

replete with 250 bicycles, many from the late 1800s.

I 'wooden' have minded taking this one for a spin (guffaw).

Then it was more wandering, invading people's privacy by taking photos of their houses and cats,

and being overly amused by a companion dog who made very sure his owner knew a fire engine was going over a nearby bridge.

I spent a little time reflecting on life as I followed the Liberation route

through Valkhof park (the oldest park in Nijmegen)

and around the ruins of St Martin's chapel (Barbarossa ruins) before making my way into the town centre, market square and the 12th century built St Stephen's Church.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon laughing at shop signs.

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