Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello, 2014!

I *have* been a busy bee over the Christmas period - sewing, tidying, cleaning, resting, socialising. Everything but blogging. But all that's about to change! Here's my first post of the year. 

I want to share a bit of what I got up to, craft-wise, over the silly season. 

In upcoming posts I will reflect on my 2013 - I usually trawl through my year's worth of photos over the Christmas break, deciding what to print and what to cull. This is also a nice chance to re-live some of the events of the year and get my head into the upcoming year. I plan to do that in the next week or so - putting off getting my teeth into 2014 just yet. I think I'm still getting over last year. It wasn't a bad year, just a busy year. 

Sewing has been very therapeutic in that regard. Creating. Short term gratification. Pretty-ness.
But before you can sew, you need to be able to access your fabric. I had some feline-roadblocks in that regard. 

More than once.

But I soon got into the swing of things and sewed many coin purses and tote bags in fun and new combinations, as well as a new creation - an iPad sleeve.

 More will be revealed in my next post.

Happy 2014 x

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