Friday, June 4, 2010

Try one new thing every day...

Good afternoon folks,

I've just arrived home from the July BiDM (yes, that's the BrisStyle Indie Designers Markets) at Racecourse Rd, Hamilton. I've made myself a cuppa and have curled up on the couch for some quiet time.

I shared the BrisStyle co-op stall with some clever and crafty ladees including Vintage Visions, Pannikin, Sandra Darling Visual Art Creations, Edward & Lilly and Moose & Bird. We got to talking about blogs, tweets and the like. I'm no Luddite, but up until this afternoon I didn't have a blog. I know, *gasp*.

They say you should try one new thing a day. Not quite sure why, although it sure does keep life interesting. Maybe it's because it keeps the neuronal connections fresh and firing? So my contribution this 5th day of June is a new blog - my shelleyberelli homebase.

I plan to share new schemes, fabrics, patterns and adventures in craft on this here page - so, thanks for dropping by. Please leave a comment or question and I hope to see you back here again real soon.

Yours, in craft,


  1. Welcome to blog world! It looks fabulous! Was so nice to see and chat with you today and share space in the co-op! Looking forward to keeping up to date with your news via blog world!


  2. Hey Shelley,
    WooHoo for starting a blog! Looking forward to following your adventures. Have a lovely relaxing night. xo

  3. Big fan of blogging (as you know) as much for the self-reflection as for the connection it brings with new people and old friends. Seems like the perfect place for describing in more detail the stories behind your creations. A big *yay!* from me :)

  4. lovely that you have a blog - so much easier to keep track of your crafting adventures!


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