Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's go shopping....and take a trip!

The week's BrisStyle Let's go shopping is inspired by an upcoming TRIP squared. It's my TRIP trip. 

In my world at the moment, T.R.I.P. stands for 'translating research into practice' in health care. It's all about taking something that's tried and true, often recognised as best practice and written up into guidelines, but for many reasons, is not being followed by those working at the coalface. I'm going to be taking part in a 2 year training program that teaches me how to work out the best way to help people who provide health care to change some of these practices and measure the changes to prove to the bean counters that they've made a difference, not only in the bottom line, but with happier patients and better outcomes. My little project will be about making life a bit better for women with gestational diabetes.

I was thinking all psychadelic and trippy, when I searched etsy for some virtual window shopping goodness this morning, but I realised I was also embarking on a journey in my professional career that will be taking me to some exciting places and in some weird and wonderful directions. Here's what I found:

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  1. Hello, I appreciate you choosing the Road Trip trio to tie in with the TRIP project you're working on. It sounds like a really great project! I'm sure you'll help a lot of nurses, patients & bean counters. Best of luck, Stephie


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