Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simple steps on how to grow your own...

...mushrooms, of course! 


I've got some new season white buttons from 'fungi (it'll grow on you)' and I've got high hopes. I've had two boxes of swiss browns before and had quite a few 'flushes' from the little beauties. That's the technical term for mushroom 'crops'! The box was very affordable and I've found the mushrooms stay fresh for yonkers. Makes you realise how long those little dudes sit around in the shops.  

So, it was preparation time this morning. I'll post regular progress shots and will certainly take a few shots at harvest time, too.

The first step involves adding water to the bag of casings and then spreading this over the compost material.

Once this is all done and dusted, it's time to find a cool, dark place for the box to let them work their magic. I've got my special mushroom spray bottle too for their daily refresher, too.

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