Friday, February 14, 2014

A holiday's worth of creating...

These past holidays gave me plenty of time to potter around the garden catching up on much neglected re-potting. This included my baby succulents - cutie patooties!

My other pottering over the holidays included sewing. I've already introduced my purses and iPad sleeves, and today I'd like to share my drawstring bags.

A lot of my fabric for these are a delicate silk that was given to me by a friend. She had some dresses made in Honkers and I was lucky enough to score her leftovers. 

Perfect for keeping special things safe - for around the house or when travelling.

Shoes, lingerie, jewellery and other keep-sakes. I've got some here, in my etsy shop and some in my made-it store.

Other things I did over the holidays was think about the year ahead. Cliches abound when it comes to 'seizing the day' and 'life not being a dress rehearsal', especially in milestone years. Having a significant birthday one has a great opportunity to reflect on celebrations passed as well as those to come -  I love this picture/these pictures of mini-moi at a party at my nana's place in days gone by.  In some ways I feel this reflects my life - the two sides of shelleyberelli - and I'm hoping (and planning) that 2014 has some of column A, but a lot more of column B than 2013!

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