Saturday, February 8, 2014

iSpy some iPad cases

Creating can sometimes get very common place. I tend to sew the same 5 to 6 things. Sure, there are different colours, textures and combinations and that's where a lot of the fun comes from, but every now and again I happen across a new design.

I might have cut the fabric a little differently, only have a swatch of something that I am dying to use by doesn't fit the usual pattern, or I re-invigorate an older design.

This Christmas iDecided iWanted to make new iPad sleeves.

When fashioning my pattern I had to be mindful that most people have a case or cover for their iPad already. Often it's more functional and fairly plain, but adds bulk to the dimensions of a bag that needs to be made. Most of these covers do not have handles, so pop that on the design list, too. Easy access, but a small amount of security is the third requirement.

Et voila, my new creation!

Along with the thrill of colours, textures and styles.

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