Monday, July 26, 2010

All the fun of the fair!

It's definitely market-a-go-go at the moment.

A few months ago it seemed a sterling idea to do markets back-to-back - - - Friday night vs Saturday morning (the trifecta would have been the Young Designer's Market at Southbank on Sunday - hats off to those girls doing all three, actually, four, if you count the Valley laneway markets this Wednesday night) - - - but now, at the pointy end of the planning stage it all seems very busy and that I've left everything to the last minute.

That's probably not true, as I've plenty of pretty creations to take along - purses, belts and bags - it's just that I always like to do a new line of something for each market. A new take on an old favourite, or a completely new design.

My latest flurry of activity has been around laptop cases and the holdall handbags. Behind the simplicity of the laptop sleeve is reinforcement with canvas and double layers of padding to keep your precious things safe and sound. The holdall handbags are as complex as they look, with pleats, top stitching and layers of interfacing - and that's after I've sorted through my fabric stash to mix-and-match 'til it's just so.

Please do pop along and say hello at one of this week end's markets - and let me know what you think of my new designs. Right! Back to the Bernina.


  1. Looking great's funny how it seemed like a good idea to do back to back markets a few months ago!!! Good luck. xo

  2. Where does your energy come from? I'm impressed! See you on Friday night!

  3. Hope it goes well Shelley. Loving your new designs ... have been using my pocket purse daily! The laneway markets sound fun ... x x


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