Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy bee...

I've been teaming with a theme this last bout of sewing. I love the fabric's contrasting small and large flower prints, as well as autumnal colours (...despite being well and truly past this mild season, into the 'deep' of winter).

My latest patterns include:

simple drawstring bags (perfect as book bags or music bags for little girls or to keep 'your smalls' in when you travel.... to prevent, as shared by my friend on her recent trip to London, finding her undies covered in glitter when she borrowed her littlest one's drawstring bag),

pretty, reversible headbands, and

a new wristlet clutch.


  1. All so very pretty! Love the story about your friend and her glittery undies :)

  2. So glad to be an inspiration! We love them.

  3. I was hoping you'd spot your cameo. You and the girls have been my muse(s) on many occasion. Much love. xx


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