Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Made-it Roulette...

Uuurgh, after a long, hard (but enjoyable – I *do* love my job) day at work, it’s time for a ‘buy,buy, sell,sell’ of a different kind… the crafty, handmade goodness kind. Take a peek at what I’ve been perusing tonight on made-it…..ahhhh. I love 'made-it roulette' .. just keep hitting the ‘made-it’ banner to see a random assortment of shop’s goodies. Virtual window shopping....

Cheeky Little Monster’s woollen scarf (just the thing for those chilly mornings)

Edward & Lilly cuteness

Vinyl design decorative wall decals (mew mew)


  1. Shelley, love all your pics. Hudson has very similar cats and loves them. You are one trendy little chicky!!!

  2. love that scarf ... I love winter! It's my accessory time of the year!

  3. How nice is that scarf. I love winter accessories, especially scarves! xo

  4. Ohh, love the wall decal! And thanks for including my necklace :)


  5. I love the necklace, so classy! Thanks for including my "cats"!

  6. Thanks so much Shelley, I'm just catching up on emails, blogs etc and am so grateful for this post xx


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