Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A sneak (St Mary's) peak..

I've been meaning to post a blog about my not so recent holiday in the Flinders Ranges - and my lovely friend, Anita, reminded me that some of my friends across the oceans may be interested in my adventures. How lazy of me to upload all my photos onto facebook and expect everyone to log on and  click through my virtual photo album. Is that like a 'slide night' of yore? The old kodak slides (well, not old on-the-day), some slotted in upside-down, nodding sagely, while thinking, 'hope this finishes soon, that fondue is looking tempting'. Even my mum, the inspiration for my trip (along with Hans Heysen), is reminding me that she hasn't seen my photos yet. How do my energy levels get so low that I flip onto autopilot so quickly after such a regenerative holiday? Well, here is a taster of a holiday I was so excited about here and here ...  

Flinders Ranges -heading into Wilpena Pound

St Mary's Peak

The view from St Mary's Peak - our 'scenic flight' without having to go up in a light plane. 1174m above sea level

Bunyeroo Gorge

A cuppa at Blinman

Parachilna - the old Ghan line

Sunset at Parachilna

Morning tea at Duchman's Stern

This one reminds me a bit of Picnic at Hanging Rock ... 'Miranda, Miranda....'

More photos from the Heysen Trail and Kangaroo Island to come.

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